Referee Program

Hello and welcome to the joint recreational referee program for Cardiff Soccer League and Solana Beach Soccer Club.


Our primary goal is to provide quality referees for recreational home games for teams from Cardiff Soccer League and Solana Beach Soccer Club.  In keeping with the educational mission of these leagues, we also strive to provide a training ground for young referees to gain experience so they can move on to refereeing higher level games in competitive leagues.

Referee Licensing Requirements

You must be a USSF licensed referee to referee in our program.  At a minimum, our recreational games require a Grade 9 license, though higher licensing levels are welcome and encouraged.  For instance, a Grade 8 license is required to referee in competitive games (which this program does not administer).

If you already have a USSF license that will be valid through the end of November, you are already qualified to referee for our program.  If you do not have an license, or your license is expiring, you will need to participate in a sanctioned USSF training session.  

If you need a license (or renewal), the following link will take you to CalSouth’s referee training website, where you can find all of the information you need to get licensed.  A Grade 9 license only requires an on-line training session, while Grade 8 or above requires attending an on-field session.

CalSouth Referee Certification Site

Note that USSF charges fees for its courses, which the you (the referee) is responsible for paying.  Also, you will be required to refresh your license every two years if you wish to continue refereeing.

Supplemental Referee Training

Our recreational leagues operate under a modified “Laws of the Game”, which is available at the link below.  All of our referees are responsible for knowing these modifications.

Modified Rules for Cardiff Soccer and Solana Beach games

This summer (2017), we are holding two on-field training sessions with seasoned, professional referees during which we’ll cover expectations for referees in our leagues.  Attending at least one training session is mandatory for all referees participating in our program.  The sessions are as follows:

Date Time Location
Friday, August 4th, 2017 5-6:30pm Encinitas Community Park, Field #4
Friday, August 25th, 2017 5-6:30pm Encinitas Community Park, Field #4

When you register to participate as a referee (see below) you will be asked which session you plan to attend.

Game Assignment Process

The fall 2017 season will start on September 9th. Schedules are due to be finalized on August 31st at which point we will begin assigning registered referees to games with a focus on an equitable assignment to all referees, but using a variety of determining factors that include:

  • Experience
  • License level
  • Age
  • Number of games at each age level you have refereed this season in each role (HR/AR)

Game Reporting Process

Referees will submit a brief report for each game they referee.  Every referee (HR and ARs) who participates will need to do this in order to be paid for their time.  In addition, this process will allow referees to get practice doing game reports.  Additional details will be forthcoming.


Referees are responsible for providing their own equipment.  All referees should be prepared with:

  1. Referee uniform: available at most soccer stores and online: Shirt, black socks, black shoes.
  2. Flags: Each referee should own a set of 2 flags to be used by the linespeople.  All referees (HR or AR) should being a complete set of equipment to cover situations where others forget theirs or do not show up.
  3. Whistle: As with the flags, every referee should bring a whistle in case they need to step in as HR.

Referee Pay 2017/18

The referee pay scale is being updated.  It will be similar to prior seasons with some minor modifications.  When it is finalized we will publish it here.

Contact information

The Referee Coordinator is Craig Rindt and he can be contacted at:

Referee Registration

If you wish to register to referee Cardiff Soccer League and/or Solana Beach Soccer Club games for the 2017/2018 soccer season, please click on the link below to fill out a registration form.

Register to be a Referee

Note: This form should be filled out by the referee, or by a legal guardian with the referee present.  It is the referee’s responsibility to understand the commitment he or she is making.