Opening Day 2019

Opening day is a fun day for our entire league, and will be held at Ada Harris on September 8, 2019. We’ll have food, pick-up games and Cardiff Soccer swag.

Please make sure your team arrives at least 10 minutes prior to their scheduled photo time. ALL COMPETITIVE TEAMS WILL WEAR THEIR RED JERSEY AND COMPLETE UNIFORM to photo day.   The photographer will not wait for players that are late and we do not offer makeups. We have 51 rec and competitive teams this year, so please have your teams there on time with their forms filled out.  Every player receives a free league package, but each player needs to fill out a photo form to receive it.  Players can also order additional photos that day or after they receive the proofs and free league package.  

Picture Time Division Coach Name
8:30 AM G2010-2011 Goodbody
8:30 AM G2012-2013 Fasack
8:30 AM G2012-2013 Newell
8:45 AM B2012-2013 Ferguson
8:45 AM B2008 White Scicluna
9:00 AM B2012-2013 Jewell
9:00 AM B2011 Red Scicluna
9:00 AM Micro Rose
9:15 AM Micro Conahan
9:15 AM G2009 Red Velez
9:30 AM G2004 Red Velez
9:30 AM Micro Shockney
9:30 AM Micro Vellocido
9:45 AM G2005 Red Velez
9:45 AM G2008 Red Hagerty
9:45 AM G2012-2013 Robles
10:00 AM Micro Thielman
10:00 AM Micro Fugit
10:00 AM G2007 Red Hagerty
10:15 AM G2012-2013 Wieland
10:15 AM B2012-2013 Nagy
10:15 AM B2010-2011 Cherewick
10:30 AM B2010 Red Suarez
10:30 AM G2011 Red Belman
10:30 AM B2008 Red Reza
10:45 AM B2008 Black Suarez
10:45 AM G2010-2011 Griffin
10:45 AM B2005 Red Reza
11:00 AM B2010 White Suarez
11:15 AM G2003 Red Reza
11:30 AM B2000-2004 Cohen
11:45 PM G2006 Red Nadjafi
12:00 PM B2003 Red McClain
12:15 PM B2010-2011 Jacks
12:15 PM B2010-2011 Pieratt
12:30 PM B2010-2011 Bumps
12:30 PM B2007 White McClain
12:30 PM B2009 White Levidow
12:45 PM B2009 Black McClain
12:45 PM B2007 Red Chiles
1:00 PM B2009 Red Velazquez
1:00 PM B2006 Red Chiles
1:15 PM B2012 Red Velazquez
1:15 PM B2012-2013 Melnyk
1:15 PM G2010 Red Creager
1:30 PM G2008-2009 Forte
1:30 PM G2008 White Creager
1:30 PM B2008-2009 Melnyk
1:45 PM G2008-2009 Brown
1:45 PM B2008-2009 Latson Combs