Opening Day 2018

We’re kicking off the 2018 soccer season with our Opening Day celebration this Sunday, September 9 at Berkich Park/Cardiff Elementary School with team pictures, great food, and a pickup soccer game for all that starts early and ends late.

We ask that teams please arrive at least 15 minutes before your team’s scheduled time; photographers will not wait for late players.

Good luck to all our recreational and competitive teams this weekend!

Picture Time Division Coach Name
8:00 AM B2007 Juan Suarez
8:00 AM B2008 Juan Suarez
8:15 AM B2010 Juan Suarez
8:15 AM B2008 Andrew Lorei
8:15 AM G2003 Andrew Lorei
8:30 AM G2005 Eduardo Velez-Alcantar
8:30 AM G2008 Rafael Velazquez
8:45 AM G2006 Eduardo Velez-Alcantar
8:45 AM G2009 Eduardo Velez-Alcantar
8:45 AM GU10 Brendan McGarry
9:00 AM B2003 Michael McClain
9:00 AM B2000 Michael McClain
9:15 AM
9:15 AM B2008 Chris Toth
9:15 AM BU10 Randolf Cherewick
9:30 AM BU10 Peter Melnyk
9:30 AM BU8 Emily Bumps
9:45 AM BU8 Nelz Vellocido
9:45 AM GU10 Emily Bumps
9:45 AM MICRO Peter Melnyk
10:00 AM MICRO Nelz Vellocido
10:00 AM MICRO Laura Mann
10:15 AM MICRO Jason Wieland
10:30 AM MICRO Pat Conahan
10:45 AM G2011 Phillip Belman
11:00 AM G2007 Jared Levidow
11:15 AM G2007 Chad Hagerty
11:15 AM B2009 Jared Levidow
11:15 AM B2004 Garry Martin
11:30 AM B2006 Kraig Chiles
11:30 AM B2009 Chad Hagerty
11:45 AM G2004 Raymundo Reza
11:45 AM B2007 Kraig Chiles
11:45 AM B2004 Raymundo Reza
12:00 PM B2005 Raymundo Reza
12:00 PM G2000 Kraig Chiles
12:15 PM BU19 Jon Cohen
12:15 PM BU12 Boris Laubert
12:15 PM GU12 Jeff Stolarz
12:30 PM GU12 Justin Seckel
12:30 PM GU10 Jess Porier
12:45 PM
12:45 PM GU8 Tyler Lonsdale
12:45 PM GU8 Brandon Drohan
1:00 PM GU8 Jennifer Thompson
1:00 PM BU8 Emily Ferguson
1:15 PM BU8 Larry Brough
1:15 PM BU8 Tony Jacks
1:15 PM BU10 Jason Baker
1:30 PM BU10 Scott Kreinberg
1:30 PM G2008 Arman Nadjafi
1:30 PM B2006 Arman Nadjafi