High School Tryouts

From our Executive Director, Kraig Chiles:

To our Mustang high school players,

I was born and raised in San Diego playing at every level, from rec soccer to the pros and everything in between. I’m going into my 12th professional season, and when I look back on it all there was no better time for me then high school soccer. 

The bond you make with local kids in your community is unforgettable. I remember and miss it all. From the pasta parties to the bus rides back and forth to away games. These are memories that will last a lifetime. 

Nothing comes without hard work and sacrifice. Players should be prepared to give every once of their energy and fight for what they want. For players in 8th grade or who are not playing high school soccer, we will make arrangements to have players practice with other teams if possible.

Please contact your coach if you have not already spoken with him.  We look forward to seeing our players back on the field with the Mustangs for their post-season State Cup preparation and play once the high school season is over. 

I wish all Mustangs players good luck in upcoming tryouts and will be watching games throughout the winter.  For those who opt out of high school soccer or who don’t make their desired team, contact us. We will provide training opportunities and support in preparation for when the club season resumes.