Cardiff soccer is one of many youth sports using City of Encinitas and Cardiff School District fields. We receive field time allocations from the City that vary by season and often share fields with other youth and adult sports. This page details the status and allocations of our allotted field time, as well as offering some background on the procedures used.

(Note: “Unavailable” refers to a field that is not allocated to Cardiff Soccer at this time.  Rain closures will be indicated by “rain” for field status.)


Field Status Address
Cardiff Elementary (Berkich)
  • South
    : Closed
  • North
    : Closed
1888 Montgomery Ave
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA
Ada Harris Elementary
  • East
    : Closed
  • West
    : Closed
1508 Windsor Road
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007
Cardiff Sports Park (Lake)
  • Upper
    : Open
  • Lower
    : Unavail
1661 Lake Dr
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007
Encinitas Community Park (ECP)
  • No1
    : Unavail
  • No2
    : Unavail
  • No3
    : Unavail
  • No4
    : Open
  • Practice
    : Unavail
425 Santa Fe Dr
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007


See the field allocations page for the current field allocation schedule and calendar.


ECP – Encinitas Community Park

425 Santa Fe Dr, Encinitas, CA 92024

  • Field 1 is the 8v8 field furthest to the South closest to Mackinnon outfield of the small softball field
  • Field 2 (No Games Scheduled) is the 11v11 field and is the next down North of Field 1 in the baseball outfield
  • Field 3 is the 11v11 field North of 2 and just Sough of the Playground
  • Field 4 is the 11v11 field and is the first field furthest North West. It is off the parking lot from Santa Fe and is located next to the skate park
  • Practice is the rectangular patch of grass between field 3 and the playground

Berkich Field – Cardiff Elementary School

1888 Montgomery, Cardiff, CA 92007

  • Field 1 is the field to the North off of Montgomery
  • Field 2 is the field to the South off of Mozart

CSP -Cardiff Sports Park (Upper and Lower Lake)

1661 Lake Dr, Encinitas, CA 92024

    • Upper Lake is full 11v11 field
    • Lower Lake – Micro Fields. Field 1 is to the North (left side).


The City of Encinitas determines when fields need to be closed due to rain or other special events.

Closures are announced on the Encinitas parks “rain out” phone line (760-633-2761) by 8 am on weekend game days and by 3 pm on weekdays.

If the field is closed, then all games and/or practices that day are cancelled, even if it stops raining.


We receive our allocations from the city on a seasonal basis. The Cardiff Soccer Field Coordinator is in charge of scheduling practice times for our teams within these allocations.

Practice Scheduling

Practices are scheduled to maximize each team’s opportunities for field time. The scheduling process is continuous since demand, field availability, and team priorities vary by season.

If you are a volunteer recreational coach, we do our best to accommodate your requests for practice times during the August-November playing season. The most important thing you can do is to get your field requests in to the coordinator as early as possible.

Game Scheduling

Scheduling of competitive and recreational league games takes place in July and August each year. Typically, competitive schedules are set first because they have a greater number of constraints. Recreational games are scheduled following that in coordination with our sister leagues. Recreational teams will usually find out their game schedules near the end of August.


Once you receive your allocation, please practice during your allocated slot only. If you find you need changes to your schedule, please contact the field coordinator to see what we can be worked out.

Sharing Space

Most days you’ll be sharing the field with other teams and there will be several teams practicing back-to-back on the fields.  This means you should start and finish promptly.  Every year there are a number of complaints about coaches running over.  Take a little time to plan your practice. It’ll run more smoothly, the kids will get more out of it, and you’ll stay within your allocated times.

When you get your practice slot, it will be for a particular field, but we do not assign teams to specific places on the field.  That said, certain coaches might perceive certain parts of the field as better than others.  If that’s the case please communicate with other coaches and work it out. If you both want the same spot, take turns.  Most of all just communicate. Please contact the field coordinator if you find you have an unresolvable conflict.


The league has a number of goals available for your use. We lock all goals and you will be given the combination as needed for your practices. If you are the last person using the goals on a particular day, you are responsible for locking them up in their proper locations.

Don’t ever let the kids hang or climb on the goals. They will break and/or will fall over and hurt a child. Don’t ask the children to help you move them. If in doubt, ask our director of coaching, Kraig Chiles, for some goal injury horror stories…they aren’t pretty.

The larger goals cost thousands of dollars to replace and our smaller PVC goals require significant time commitment to maintain. Please take care of them.

Our goal inventory is as follows.

  • 2 ~80% size goals used for u10 games
  • 2 ~50% size goals used for u8 games
  • 2 full size goals used for u11 games and older
  • 1 kick-back goal
  • 6+ PVC mini goals used for practice and micro games

Maintaining the Fields

Please help us maintain the fields in their best condition. Things to look out for:

  • Wet (esp. muddy) spots. Playing on these will destroy a field quickly. Please avoid them and notify the field coordinator if you notice persistent problems.
  • Holes and divots. Replace divots if you can. For holes, avoid them and notify the field coordinator. We will fill these quickly.
  • Bare (or thin patches). Do your best to rotate where you set up to avoid bare patches to give them time to recover. If there are locations with no grass, tell me and we’ll see if they can be patched.

Remember, the city closes the field when it’s wet. If it has rained in the last 24 hours, they make the decision by 3pm.  Check the website for the rain line and for field availability info.


If you have questions or concerns, contact the Field Coordinator @