Cardiff Competitive Soccer Program (Mustangs)

Cardiff Mustang SoccerThe Cardiff Mustangs offers more motivated and skilled players a higher level of training and competition with professional coaching geared to their increased commitment and desires to excel at the game. The Mustangs coaching staff is led by Director of Coaching, Kraig Chiles. Under his direction, our professional coaching staff offers the most progressive and highest quality of training available, while also creating a fun environment that allows our players to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer. We aim to have our players take the skills they learn playing competitive soccer off the pitch, including grace under intense pressure, respect for authority, leadership, humility whether winning or losing, and putting the needs of the group over the glory of the individual.

Teams form at the end of each winter and play through the fall, requiring more time, expenses and travel than recreational soccer. In return, we strive to help each player develop, in an age-appropriate manner, to his or her maximum capabilities both in terms of personal and team skills.Save