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Holiday Soccer Camp

CAMP UPDATE: Camp Registration is Full!  Please contact us at to inquire about spots that open up.

The Soccer Institute and Cardiff Mustangs have put together a camp for soccer players born 2010-2001 to work on technical, tactical, game awareness, and decision making skills in a fast-paced, engaging program. This camp is a great way to keep active and work on skills during the holiday break, prepare for tryouts, or stay on the ball for the high school season.

The camp will be directed by Mark O’ Sullivan, new Technical Director for the Cardiff Mustangs. Mark brings his experience and knowledge from observing and working with European academies such as Barcelona FC and AFC Ajax and with the Development Academy program of US Soccer, as well as clubs throughout California and Europe.

This camp is open to competitive players from any club or competitive level.  Players will be coached 1 to 1 and/or in small groups based on age and ability. Players will utilize the latest PlayerMaker technology to track technical and physical work during the camp.

DATE CHANGE due to weather : JANUARY 2, 3, 4
9 am – 12 pm
Encinitas Community Park, Field 3

$140 for Three Day Program ($50 day rate)

Opening Day 2018

We’re kicking off the 2018 soccer season with our Opening Day celebration this Sunday, September 9 at Berkich Park/Cardiff Elementary School with team pictures, great food, and a pickup soccer game for all that starts early and ends late.

We ask that teams please arrive at least 15 minutes before your team’s scheduled time; photographers will not wait for late players.

Good luck to all our recreational and competitive teams this weekend!

Picture Time Division Coach Name
8:00 AM B2007 Juan Suarez
8:00 AM B2008 Juan Suarez
8:15 AM B2010 Juan Suarez
8:15 AM B2008 Andrew Lorei
8:15 AM G2003 Andrew Lorei
8:30 AM G2005 Eduardo Velez-Alcantar
8:30 AM G2008 Rafael Velazquez
8:45 AM G2006 Eduardo Velez-Alcantar
8:45 AM G2009 Eduardo Velez-Alcantar
8:45 AM GU10 Brendan McGarry
9:00 AM B2003 Michael McClain
9:00 AM B2000 Michael McClain
9:15 AM
9:15 AM B2008 Chris Toth
9:15 AM BU10 Randolf Cherewick
9:30 AM BU10 Peter Melnyk
9:30 AM BU8 Emily Bumps
9:45 AM BU8 Nelz Vellocido
9:45 AM GU10 Emily Bumps
9:45 AM MICRO Peter Melnyk
10:00 AM MICRO Nelz Vellocido
10:00 AM MICRO Laura Mann
10:15 AM MICRO Jason Wieland
10:30 AM MICRO Pat Conahan
10:45 AM G2011 Phillip Belman
11:00 AM G2007 Jared Levidow
11:15 AM G2007 Chad Hagerty
11:15 AM B2009 Jared Levidow
11:15 AM B2004 Garry Martin
11:30 AM B2006 Kraig Chiles
11:30 AM B2009 Chad Hagerty
11:45 AM G2004 Raymundo Reza
11:45 AM B2007 Kraig Chiles
11:45 AM B2004 Raymundo Reza
12:00 PM B2005 Raymundo Reza
12:00 PM G2000 Kraig Chiles
12:15 PM BU19 Jon Cohen
12:15 PM BU12 Boris Laubert
12:15 PM GU12 Jeff Stolarz
12:30 PM GU12 Justin Seckel
12:30 PM GU10 Jess Porier
12:45 PM
12:45 PM GU8 Tyler Lonsdale
12:45 PM GU8 Brandon Drohan
1:00 PM GU8 Jennifer Thompson
1:00 PM BU8 Emily Ferguson
1:15 PM BU8 Larry Brough
1:15 PM BU8 Tony Jacks
1:15 PM BU10 Jason Baker
1:30 PM BU10 Scott Kreinberg
1:30 PM G2008 Arman Nadjafi
1:30 PM B2006 Arman Nadjafi

2018 Summer Soccer Camps











Join Cardiff Mustangs coaches Kraig Chiles, Ray Reza, and other Mustangs coaches and SD Sockers players for summer fun and soccer skills in June and August. Our coaches provide an engaging and educational soccer experience in which players get a great workout, work on skills, and play games in a motivating, fun environment.

This camp is open to competitive and recreational players, ages 6 – 14, from all clubs and levels of play. Register on our website or by clicking the links below.

Session 1: June 25-29

9 am – 2 pm
George Berkich Park (Cardiff Elementary School)
1888 Montgomery Ave, Encinitas, CA 92007-2313

REGISTER for June Camp

Session 2: August 6-10

9 am – 2 pm
George Berkich Park (Cardiff Elementary School)
1888 Montgomery Ave, Encinitas, CA 92007-2313

REGISTER for August Camp

Players should wear soccer cleats, appropriate soccer clothing and shin guards.  Players should bring water, snack, and lunch.

*Note: For single day registration, please be sure to register online for the specific day your child will be attending.  For check payment, please bring check on day of attendance.

Beach Soccer Camp – Dec 22-24

Join Cardiff Mustangs coaches Nick Perera and Chris Toth for a winter break beach soccer camp. Both coaches are on the U.S. National Beach Soccer team, and bring great experience and knowledge to this three-day camp. Players will get a great workout, work on skills, and learn the sport of beach soccer in a motivating, fun environment.

This camp is open to competitive and recreational players, ages 7 – 14, from all clubs and levels of play.

Dates: December 22 – 24, 2017
Time:  9 am – 12:00 each day
Location:  Tamarack State Beach

Cost: $140 for 3 days or $50/day.

Players go barefoot or wear sand socks (camp is held on the beach) and appropriate soccer clothingNo shin guards or cleats are necessary.  Players should bring sunscreen, water, and a snack.


*Note: For single day registration, please be sure to register online for the specific day your child will be attending.  For check payment, please bring check on day of attendance.

Want to know more about beach soccer?  Click here to learn more about this exciting sport!

“Shoot Out Cancer” Fun Run This Saturday









We are asking all families to try to raise $100 or more to help with this brave fight! Even if you can’t raise $100, we are asking all families to join us on March 11th to run the 5k and help show support for Coach Arman and his fight against cancer!

The money from this fundraiser will go towards the brave battle Coach Arman is currently undertaking to beat his stage 4 cancer. He started chemotherapy treatment in January to battle the disease. While his prognosis is good, there is still a lot of work to accomplish to get him healthy and back to coaching the amazing kids of Cardiff Soccer Club! With a growing amount of medical bills, we would like to raise as much money as possible to help him focus on getting healthy!

This year we are using CrazyRaise as our fundraising platform. It’s an easy way to collect donations from your friends and family online and it allows us to keep more of what we raise. We need all participants to do the following:

1. Register on CrazyRaise using the link below

2. Enter at least 10 email addresses for family (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles) and friends (neighbors, parents’ work friends, etc.) who could support us. Parents enter your own email address first so you can donate as well.

Please get started by clicking the link below to go to the CrazyRaise registration page (Parents – if your child is under 13 please register for them):

In addition to helping coach Arman you also have a chance to win some  AWESOME PRIZES!

Here is what you can win:

If you register and enter 10 email addresses you’ll win a drawing entry into the ultimate friends party! Party pack includes 4 tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm(chaperone ticket included as well!), 4 In & Out munch out certificates & 4 Yogurtland certificates!

you raise $250 you’ll win some awesome Cardiff swag + you will be entered into a drawing for a Mini Fridge for your room stuffed with candy and cash!

The participant who raises the most money will win a San Diego Soccers care package including a team signed ball, Sockers sun glasses, replica championship rings and more!

The TEAM that raises the most money will win a 10 pack of VIP tickets to a 2017/18 Soccers game!!




Supporting Our Teams the Right Way

A message from the Cardiff Mustangs Soccer Board

We hope you’ve enjoyed the first two weekends of soccer and that your kids are learning, having fun, clicking as a team–and maybe even scoring more goals than their opponents. Winning games is fun, but it certainly isn’t everything—and it means nothing at all if we don’t have proper behavior from fans, players, and coaches alike.

Now that we have started the season, we want to remind everyone—coaches, parents, relatives and friends—that your sideline behavior reflects on the entire Cardiff Mustangs community. And it’s noticed by your kids. We have to set the right example.

Please cheer your teams, but do not under any circumstances criticize the opponents, challenge referee calls, swear, or encourage people who are acting badly. Soccer can be an emotional and intense game, but it is a game, nothing more. If you lose sight of that, you lose the game even if you win.

Let’s be good winners and good losers. Refs may make calls that you see differently. Fans and coaches on opposing teams may behave badly. Opposing players may gloat over a goal, illegally slide tackle your kid and not get caught, or say inappropriate things. That’s when you have to be at your best. We are defined by how we behave under pressure, and let’s keep our reputation for having a high standard that can’t be compromised by the inappropriate actions of others.

If someone on our side does something at a game that you think is inappropriate—be it a relative of a player or even a coach–say something to the person or notify those of us on the soccer board. Let’s address problems early before they escalate, and when people on our side get hot and bothered, help them cool down.

We aim to have all our players take the skills they learn playing  soccer off the pitch, including grace under intense pressure, respect for authority, leadership, humility whether winning or losing, and putting the needs of the group over the glory of the individual.



·       Listen to the coaches, learn from them, and follow their rules.

·       Attend all practices and games and arrive on time.

·       Strive to maintain a positive attitude, poise, and a cool head.

·       Exhibit good sportsmanship and show respect toward teammates.

·       Do not argue or act disrespectful to any referee at any time.

·       Do not use foul language during practice or games. No trash-talk, back talk, or put-downs are permitted at any time, on or off the field.

·       Positively represent Cardiff Mustangs both on and off the field. Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

·       Bring proper equipment to all games and practices and help coaches set up and clean up.

·       Communicate any problems you’re having with coaches and ask your parents to contact coaches if you are sick or injured.


·       Read and understand the Cardiff Soccer League rules and commitments.

·       Make sure players attend all scheduled practices and games on time with the proper equipment.

·       Encourage your children to develop healthy habits that will help them on the field.

·       Positively support your children, as well as other players on their teams.

·       Do cheer on the team, but let the coaches coach. This means do not give directions or instructions to players during practices, clinics, camps, or games.

·       Do not question coach decisions in the presence of any player, parent, referee, or other spectator. Address concerns privately to the coach only after a 24-hour cooling-off period has passed.

·       Sit more than ten yards from the field’s centerline, and back from the sideline so that you do not interfere with referees or coaches.

·       Do not engage referees, coaches or parents of the opposing team before, during, or after a game. This is strictly the responsibility of coaches and referees.  Any issues should be directed to the manager of your team.

·       Abide by the rules and laws of the field you are on, including regulations regarding dogs on fields.

Spotlight Profile: Kraig Chiles and Garry Martin of Cardiff Soccer

Mustangs Director of Coaching Kraig Chiles and Director of Education Garry Martin are featured in this month:

Most coaches never get the opportunity to show the club soccer kids in their charge how they played in their prime.

More often than not, the best they can do is tell their youth players about their careers and pass on their wealth of experience on the training ground.

But the boys and girls at Cardiff Soccer get to watch their Director of Coaching Kraig Chiles play with the San Diego Sockers in the Professional Arena Soccer League, where he is a three-time MVP.

Kraig, who also used to play in the MLS with Chivas USA, regularly arranges for his club teams to travel to home games in their team strips to watch him play.

Although Cardiff is a comparatively small “boutique” club, it has 7 coaches who are current pro players. One of them, Nick Perera, captains the U.S. Beach Soccer team.

“We are relatable,” said Kraig. “We’re still young and fit. The kids understand. They come to watch us play on a Saturday night and they see that we track back and defend just as we ask them to do. It’s a great opportunity to show them what we talk about in training.”

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Mustangs Champions League Brings Players Together

Champions1 Champions2






Cardiff Soccer League celebrates our Mustangs Champions League players and volunteers, who are coming together each Saturday to play soccer.  Organized by Canyon Crest student, Quincy Erturk, the program is co-sponsored by the Cardiff Mustangs soccer league and TOPSoccer, a La Jolla-based outreach program for young athletes with disabilities. Quincy also worked with Cal South, the California State Soccer Association, which donated the goal nets, balls and training equipment.

Champions3The program provides special needs children with the opportunity to experience and learn soccer skills by being paired with Cardiff Mustangs players. There is still room in in the program. For more information, see the Champions League page on our website.

The Union-Tribune featured the program in a recent article.