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Holiday Soccer Camp

CAMP UPDATE: Camp Registration is Full!  Please contact us at to inquire about spots that open up.

The Soccer Institute and Cardiff Mustangs have put together a camp for soccer players born 2010-2001 to work on technical, tactical, game awareness, and decision making skills in a fast-paced, engaging program. This camp is a great way to keep active and work on skills during the holiday break, prepare for tryouts, or stay on the ball for the high school season.

The camp will be directed by Mark O’ Sullivan, new Technical Director for the Cardiff Mustangs. Mark brings his experience and knowledge from observing and working with European academies such as Barcelona FC and AFC Ajax and with the Development Academy program of US Soccer, as well as clubs throughout California and Europe.

This camp is open to competitive players from any club or competitive level.  Players will be coached 1 to 1 and/or in small groups based on age and ability. Players will utilize the latest PlayerMaker technology to track technical and physical work during the camp.

DATE CHANGE due to weather : JANUARY 2, 3, 4
9 am – 12 pm
Encinitas Community Park, Field 3

$140 for Three Day Program ($50 day rate)

Competitive Tryout Registration is Open

Register online for tryouts and for information and updates.

Our tryout schedule will be released soon:

Tryouts for players born in 2010-2013 will take place in December.
Tryouts for players born in 2006-2009 will take place in January.
Tryouts for players born in 2005 and earlier will take place in the spring following the high school season.

Information for tryouts can also be found on our website as schedules are announced. 

Questions?  Please contact us at or contact our Executive Director, Kraig Chiles at

High School Tryouts

From our Executive Director, Kraig Chiles:

To our Mustang high school players,

I was born and raised in San Diego playing at every level, from rec soccer to the pros and everything in between. I’m going into my 12th professional season, and when I look back on it all there was no better time for me then high school soccer. 

The bond you make with local kids in your community is unforgettable. I remember and miss it all. From the pasta parties to the bus rides back and forth to away games. These are memories that will last a lifetime. 

Nothing comes without hard work and sacrifice. Players should be prepared to give every once of their energy and fight for what they want. For players in 8th grade or who are not playing high school soccer, we will make arrangements to have players practice with other teams if possible.

Please contact your coach if you have not already spoken with him.  We look forward to seeing our players back on the field with the Mustangs for their post-season State Cup preparation and play once the high school season is over. 

I wish all Mustangs players good luck in upcoming tryouts and will be watching games throughout the winter.  For those who opt out of high school soccer or who don’t make their desired team, contact us. We will provide training opportunities and support in preparation for when the club season resumes.

Opening Day 2019

Opening day is a fun day for our entire league, and will be held at Ada Harris on September 8, 2019. We’ll have food, pick-up games and Cardiff Soccer swag.

Please make sure your team arrives at least 10 minutes prior to their scheduled photo time. ALL COMPETITIVE TEAMS WILL WEAR THEIR RED JERSEY AND COMPLETE UNIFORM to photo day.   The photographer will not wait for players that are late and we do not offer makeups. We have 51 rec and competitive teams this year, so please have your teams there on time with their forms filled out.  Every player receives a free league package, but each player needs to fill out a photo form to receive it.  Players can also order additional photos that day or after they receive the proofs and free league package.  

Picture Time Division Coach Name
8:30 AM G2010-2011 Goodbody
8:30 AM G2012-2013 Fasack
8:30 AM G2012-2013 Newell
8:45 AM B2012-2013 Ferguson
8:45 AM B2008 White Scicluna
9:00 AM B2012-2013 Jewell
9:00 AM B2011 Red Scicluna
9:00 AM Micro Rose
9:15 AM Micro Conahan
9:15 AM G2009 Red Velez
9:30 AM G2004 Red Velez
9:30 AM Micro Shockney
9:30 AM Micro Vellocido
9:45 AM G2005 Red Velez
9:45 AM G2008 Red Hagerty
9:45 AM G2012-2013 Robles
10:00 AM Micro Thielman
10:00 AM Micro Fugit
10:00 AM G2007 Red Hagerty
10:15 AM G2012-2013 Wieland
10:15 AM B2012-2013 Nagy
10:15 AM B2010-2011 Cherewick
10:30 AM B2010 Red Suarez
10:30 AM G2011 Red Belman
10:30 AM B2008 Red Reza
10:45 AM B2008 Black Suarez
10:45 AM G2010-2011 Griffin
10:45 AM B2005 Red Reza
11:00 AM B2010 White Suarez
11:15 AM G2003 Red Reza
11:30 AM B2000-2004 Cohen
11:45 PM G2006 Red Nadjafi
12:00 PM B2003 Red McClain
12:15 PM B2010-2011 Jacks
12:15 PM B2010-2011 Pieratt
12:30 PM B2010-2011 Bumps
12:30 PM B2007 White McClain
12:30 PM B2009 White Levidow
12:45 PM B2009 Black McClain
12:45 PM B2007 Red Chiles
1:00 PM B2009 Red Velazquez
1:00 PM B2006 Red Chiles
1:15 PM B2012 Red Velazquez
1:15 PM B2012-2013 Melnyk
1:15 PM G2010 Red Creager
1:30 PM G2008-2009 Forte
1:30 PM G2008 White Creager
1:30 PM B2008-2009 Melnyk
1:45 PM G2008-2009 Brown
1:45 PM B2008-2009 Latson Combs

Opening Day 2018

We’re kicking off the 2018 soccer season with our Opening Day celebration this Sunday, September 9 at Berkich Park/Cardiff Elementary School with team pictures, great food, and a pickup soccer game for all that starts early and ends late.

We ask that teams please arrive at least 15 minutes before your team’s scheduled time; photographers will not wait for late players.

Good luck to all our recreational and competitive teams this weekend!

Picture Time Division Coach Name
8:00 AM B2007 Juan Suarez
8:00 AM B2008 Juan Suarez
8:15 AM B2010 Juan Suarez
8:15 AM B2008 Andrew Lorei
8:15 AM G2003 Andrew Lorei
8:30 AM G2005 Eduardo Velez-Alcantar
8:30 AM G2008 Rafael Velazquez
8:45 AM G2006 Eduardo Velez-Alcantar
8:45 AM G2009 Eduardo Velez-Alcantar
8:45 AM GU10 Brendan McGarry
9:00 AM B2003 Michael McClain
9:00 AM B2000 Michael McClain
9:15 AM
9:15 AM B2008 Chris Toth
9:15 AM BU10 Randolf Cherewick
9:30 AM BU10 Peter Melnyk
9:30 AM BU8 Emily Bumps
9:45 AM BU8 Nelz Vellocido
9:45 AM GU10 Emily Bumps
9:45 AM MICRO Peter Melnyk
10:00 AM MICRO Nelz Vellocido
10:00 AM MICRO Laura Mann
10:15 AM MICRO Jason Wieland
10:30 AM MICRO Pat Conahan
10:45 AM G2011 Phillip Belman
11:00 AM G2007 Jared Levidow
11:15 AM G2007 Chad Hagerty
11:15 AM B2009 Jared Levidow
11:15 AM B2004 Garry Martin
11:30 AM B2006 Kraig Chiles
11:30 AM B2009 Chad Hagerty
11:45 AM G2004 Raymundo Reza
11:45 AM B2007 Kraig Chiles
11:45 AM B2004 Raymundo Reza
12:00 PM B2005 Raymundo Reza
12:00 PM G2000 Kraig Chiles
12:15 PM BU19 Jon Cohen
12:15 PM BU12 Boris Laubert
12:15 PM GU12 Jeff Stolarz
12:30 PM GU12 Justin Seckel
12:30 PM GU10 Jess Porier
12:45 PM
12:45 PM GU8 Tyler Lonsdale
12:45 PM GU8 Brandon Drohan
1:00 PM GU8 Jennifer Thompson
1:00 PM BU8 Emily Ferguson
1:15 PM BU8 Larry Brough
1:15 PM BU8 Tony Jacks
1:15 PM BU10 Jason Baker
1:30 PM BU10 Scott Kreinberg
1:30 PM G2008 Arman Nadjafi
1:30 PM B2006 Arman Nadjafi

2018 Summer Soccer Camps











Join Cardiff Mustangs coaches Kraig Chiles, Ray Reza, and other Mustangs coaches and SD Sockers players for summer fun and soccer skills in June and August. Our coaches provide an engaging and educational soccer experience in which players get a great workout, work on skills, and play games in a motivating, fun environment.

This camp is open to competitive and recreational players, ages 6 – 14, from all clubs and levels of play. Register on our website or by clicking the links below.

Session 1: June 25-29

9 am – 2 pm
George Berkich Park (Cardiff Elementary School)
1888 Montgomery Ave, Encinitas, CA 92007-2313

REGISTER for June Camp

Session 2: August 6-10

9 am – 2 pm
George Berkich Park (Cardiff Elementary School)
1888 Montgomery Ave, Encinitas, CA 92007-2313

REGISTER for August Camp

Players should wear soccer cleats, appropriate soccer clothing and shin guards.  Players should bring water, snack, and lunch.

*Note: For single day registration, please be sure to register online for the specific day your child will be attending.  For check payment, please bring check on day of attendance.

Beach Soccer Camp – Dec 22-24

Join Cardiff Mustangs coaches Nick Perera and Chris Toth for a winter break beach soccer camp. Both coaches are on the U.S. National Beach Soccer team, and bring great experience and knowledge to this three-day camp. Players will get a great workout, work on skills, and learn the sport of beach soccer in a motivating, fun environment.

This camp is open to competitive and recreational players, ages 7 – 14, from all clubs and levels of play.

Dates: December 22 – 24, 2017
Time:  9 am – 12:00 each day
Location:  Tamarack State Beach

Cost: $140 for 3 days or $50/day.

Players go barefoot or wear sand socks (camp is held on the beach) and appropriate soccer clothingNo shin guards or cleats are necessary.  Players should bring sunscreen, water, and a snack.


*Note: For single day registration, please be sure to register online for the specific day your child will be attending.  For check payment, please bring check on day of attendance.

Want to know more about beach soccer?  Click here to learn more about this exciting sport!

A Message from our President

Mustang families,

We hope your team has developed playing tournaments over the past few months, and it’s now time to kick off the fall season!

Our competitive program continues to become stronger and stronger, and the club now has topnotch boys and girls teams in most every age bracket. Kraig Chiles, our director of coaching, has recruited and maintained top flight coaches, many of whom still play competitively themselves. Cardiff Soccer encourages and funds continued education for all of our competitive coaches, many of whom are upgrading their licenses. For the older players, Ray Reza now offers assistance to anyone who is interested in playing at the college level. Our recreational soccer program thrives with the help of volunteers to coach and organize the teams, so shower your coaches and team managers with gratitude—and offer a hand at practices and games. Cardiff Soccer also bolsters its rec program coaching with one practice every other week run by a professional coach from our competitive program.

We aim for every child who plays soccer with us to have fun, learn the proper way to play the beautiful game, bond with a team, treat other players and coaches with respect, and to remain safe and reduce the chance of injury. We pledge to do our part in making that vision a reality, but we need help from you. Make sure your players wear shin guards, have proper cleats, bring water with them to every practice and game, and own their own appropriately sized soccer ball (ask your coach) to practice with when they’re not with their team. Cheer loudly at games and encourage your kids at every turn, but please keep it positive. We urge you to keep your frustrations and disappointments in check. Good sideline behavior sets an example for your kids and reflects on our club and the community at large. Teams get pumped up when you cheer loudly at games and please encourage the kids at every turn, but keep it positive. Never give directions to your child or other team members from the sidelines. That’s a job for the coaches, and you will confuse kids and undermine your team if you offer your own opinions about where they should be on the field and what they should be doing. It’s simple: Let the coaches coach. Never speak negatively to players or fans on the opposing teams, before, during or after games. And if you’d like to coach in our recreational program next year, we always have openings.

Please keep in mind that referees do their best under often challenging circumstances, and they sometimes will make calls that you will think are wrong. Please keep in mind that especially in the recreational program, our referees often are teenagers and need your support and understanding. They are doing their best under often challenging circumstances, and they do not learn how to become better refs by having red-faced adults yelling at them. It helps, too, if you make a point of thanking them at the end of the game. And when you see a call that you disagree with, remember, these are children playing a game, and the outcome will have no impact on whether they receive a college scholarship, play in the World Cup, or find happiness. Please also be patient with the application of a new U.S. Soccer rule called “the build out line,” which requires that younger age brackets no longer do goal kicks and instead have the goalie roll the ball to a player inside of a protected zone so they can easily play the ball from the back of the pitch and have a more controlled game.

We strive to develop players over several seasons, and our coaching staff welcomes your input about your child’s progress or challenges. Please find an appropriate time to discuss any concerns you may have, and remember the 24-hour rule: If an incident occurs at a game, wait a day to bring it up. Your team manager often can help resolve some issues.

The first games are Saturday, September 9. Game schedules likely will be sent by team managers, but they are available online. Please see the competitive team pages for schedule links or go to our recreational soccer section for links to those games.

Opening Day is Sunday, September 10. You will receive a team picture time from your coach. It’s important that you be there for your team and individual photos, but we’ll also have food, drinks and swag for sale, and pick up soccer games.

Cardiff Soccer League is a nonprofit run by a tremendous team of volunteers, and if you have any questions or concerns, do let us know and we’ll try to respond promptly. Board member contacts are listed here on our site. You will also find team pages and schedules posted soon and current information about field closures, which is especially important on rainy days.

Hope to see you on the pitch!

Jon Cohen
Cardiff Soccer President

Summer Soccer Camp Starts June 19

Summer Soccer Camp starts next week! The camp is open to any player from any club, rec or competitive level, age 7 and above. Join the best staff of coaches in San Diego for a fun week of soccer skills, games, and activities!

June 19-23, 2017
9am – 2pm

George Berkich Park (North)
1888 Montgomery Avenue
Cardiff, CA  92007

$175 or $40/day

Register online

Players should wear soccer cleats, appropriate soccer clothing and shin guards.  Players should bring water, snack, and lunch.

*Note: For single day registration, please be sure to register online for the specific day your child will be attending.  For check payment, bring check on day of attendance or mail check to:

Cardiff Soccer League
2033 San Elijo Ave. P.M.B. #411
Cardiff, California 92007