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Fields Open

The fields are open today.  There are a few soft spots out there so make your players aware and use common sense regarding safety. Have a great soccer day!

Rain in the Forecast this Weekend

The current weather forecast says rain is likely tomorrow (11/1/2014). Depending on the location of your scheduled game, please check our website for Cardiff field status, call the Encinitas city rain line at 760-633-2761, check the website of the club you’re playing, or have your team manager contact the opposing coach.

Gaming Schedule Changes

Changes have been made this week to the GU8 recreational gaming schedules.  Please check your schedules to see if they have impacted your games.

Note that while we make all efforts to keep you informed of schedule changes, it is generally a good idea for all coaches/managers to check the schedules on a weekly basis to make sure things haven’t changed.


2014 Gaming Schedules Ready

2014 Game Schedules are Online [Updated: 9/19/2014]

At long last, we hopefully have resolved all scheduling conflicts and have the gaming schedules for you.  Please follow the appropriate link below for your team.  Schedules were last updated on Sept 3rd, 2014, so please double check your game times.  Another way to locate your team schedule is to click on the “Team” tab under the Competitive and Recreational tabs on the main menu, find your team, and click to view the season schedule.

Please review your team’s schedule ASAP and notify the Field Coordinator ( of any problems or conflicts.  Have a great season!

Additional Notes

The fields are slightly different this year.  In addition to our usual home fields on Berkich North (U-8), Berkich South (U-10), and Upper Lake/CSP (U-11 and older), you may have home games scheduled at the following locations:

  • Ada Harris Elementary (U-11 and above)
  • U-8 games on Lower Lake/CSP (in between lower fields 3 & 4)
  • The micro fields up at Lake are laid slightly differently than in recent years to accommodate the U-8 field.  This year, we will have micro fields as follows: one each on the north and south sides of the upper and lower fields (a total of 4 fields).  At this time, micro games will all be played on the lower fields.
  • For U8 games, Cardiff Elementary is “Berkich Park” and field 1 is the north field.
  • For U10 games at Cardiff Elementary, the games were scheduled with “Berkich Park” for Cardiff home games and “Cardiff ES” for Encinitas home games.  “Berkich Park” field 2 is the south field for Cardiff and “Cardiff ES” field 1 is the south field for Encinitas (they are the same field).

Otherwise, consult the schedule for the details of your away game locations.



Cardiff Elementary (Berkich) Fields are Open

The school has reopened both Berkich South and North and the fields look much better for the rest they’ve gotten. Thanks to all for respecting the closure. Cardiff Soccer has been allocated the South field M-F from after school until dusk. Please clear any use with the field coordinator. We have no allocation for Berkich North so make sure you give way to the other leagues who have the permits to use it.

Fields Closed Over the Holidays

To give the fields a well-needed break, Cardiff School District has closed all of its fields over the holidays (including Berkich South). This becomes effective Saturday, Dec 21st, 2013. Coupled with the closure of Cardiff Sports Park (Lake), this means we have no field space available for practices or kickarounds until the school reopens Berkich South on Jan 6th, 2014. Enjoy the break!

Presidio Cup 2013 Results

The Cardiff Mustangs ended 2013 with excellent performances in the Presidio Cup. Four of our eight entries made the finals in their brackets, with BU9/Serrano and BU11/Anderson winning it all.

Our teams won well over 60% of their games and outscored their opponents 56-35. We’re very proud of our teams and thank both Presidio and all of the participating clubs for a successful and fun tournament. Congratulations to everyone for being such great competitors.

Team Bracket Wins Losses Ties GF GA Result
Mustangs BU08/Perry BU8 Lower 3 1 0 12 3 FINALIST
Mustangs BU09/Serrano BU9 Lower 4 0 0 9 2 CHAMPION
Mustangs BU10/Suarez BU10 AA-C1 1 2 0 7 9
Mustangs BU11/Anderson BU11 AA-A 4 0 0 8 2 CHAMPION
Mustangs BU12/Martin BU12 AA-B 1 2 0 4 3
Mustangs BU12/Suarez BU12 AA-C 2 1 1 4 8 FINALIST
Mustangs BU14/Suarez BU14 AA-B 1 1 1 8 7
Mustangs GU09/Reza GU9 AA-C Lower 2 1 0 4 1
18 8 3 56  35