A Message from our President

Mustang families,

We hope your team has developed playing tournaments over the past few months, and it’s now time to kick off the fall season!

Our competitive program continues to become stronger and stronger, and the club now has topnotch boys and girls teams in most every age bracket. Kraig Chiles, our director of coaching, has recruited and maintained top flight coaches, many of whom still play competitively themselves. Cardiff Soccer encourages and funds continued education for all of our competitive coaches, many of whom are upgrading their licenses. For the older players, Ray Reza now offers assistance to anyone who is interested in playing at the college level. Our recreational soccer program thrives with the help of volunteers to coach and organize the teams, so shower your coaches and team managers with gratitude—and offer a hand at practices and games. Cardiff Soccer also bolsters its rec program coaching with one practice every other week run by a professional coach from our competitive program.

We aim for every child who plays soccer with us to have fun, learn the proper way to play the beautiful game, bond with a team, treat other players and coaches with respect, and to remain safe and reduce the chance of injury. We pledge to do our part in making that vision a reality, but we need help from you. Make sure your players wear shin guards, have proper cleats, bring water with them to every practice and game, and own their own appropriately sized soccer ball (ask your coach) to practice with when they’re not with their team. Cheer loudly at games and encourage your kids at every turn, but please keep it positive. We urge you to keep your frustrations and disappointments in check. Good sideline behavior sets an example for your kids and reflects on our club and the community at large. Teams get pumped up when you cheer loudly at games and please encourage the kids at every turn, but keep it positive. Never give directions to your child or other team members from the sidelines. That’s a job for the coaches, and you will confuse kids and undermine your team if you offer your own opinions about where they should be on the field and what they should be doing. It’s simple: Let the coaches coach. Never speak negatively to players or fans on the opposing teams, before, during or after games. And if you’d like to coach in our recreational program next year, we always have openings.

Please keep in mind that referees do their best under often challenging circumstances, and they sometimes will make calls that you will think are wrong. Please keep in mind that especially in the recreational program, our referees often are teenagers and need your support and understanding. They are doing their best under often challenging circumstances, and they do not learn how to become better refs by having red-faced adults yelling at them. It helps, too, if you make a point of thanking them at the end of the game. And when you see a call that you disagree with, remember, these are children playing a game, and the outcome will have no impact on whether they receive a college scholarship, play in the World Cup, or find happiness. Please also be patient with the application of a new U.S. Soccer rule called “the build out line,” which requires that younger age brackets no longer do goal kicks and instead have the goalie roll the ball to a player inside of a protected zone so they can easily play the ball from the back of the pitch and have a more controlled game.

We strive to develop players over several seasons, and our coaching staff welcomes your input about your child’s progress or challenges. Please find an appropriate time to discuss any concerns you may have, and remember the 24-hour rule: If an incident occurs at a game, wait a day to bring it up. Your team manager often can help resolve some issues.

The first games are Saturday, September 9. Game schedules likely will be sent by team managers, but they are available online. Please see the competitive team pages for schedule links or go to our recreational soccer section for links to those games.

Opening Day is Sunday, September 10. You will receive a team picture time from your coach. It’s important that you be there for your team and individual photos, but we’ll also have food, drinks and swag for sale, and pick up soccer games.

Cardiff Soccer League is a nonprofit run by a tremendous team of volunteers, and if you have any questions or concerns, do let us know and we’ll try to respond promptly. Board member contacts are listed here on our site. You will also find team pages and schedules posted soon and current information about field closures, which is especially important on rainy days.

Hope to see you on the pitch!

Jon Cohen
Cardiff Soccer President