A Message from our President and Executive Director

Hello Cardiff Mustangs Families,

We hope this letter finds you all safe and healthy. With Governor Newsom’s recent stay-at-home orders, it likely finds most of you at home with your families all day as well. In addition, the City of Encinitas has now closed schools, fields, beaches, and even access to the ocean. Due to these extraordinary circumstances, we are also postponing traditional practices and other regular activities until further notice, including our Spring Break camp. We are also prepared to postpone our futsal program to later dates, with more details to come.

The COVID-19 virus is definitely testing the resolve of society and forcing everyone to reexamine and readjust our everyday life. As this virus has brought pain and suffering, it has also uncovered new perspectives and different ways to overcome the obstacles that we are all facing together. A recent NY Times article stated that research on children post-WWII and other historical events that forced children into quarantine has shown that the most important thing for children’s well being is routine, simple affection, and a feeling of family support and community. As schools have launched their virtual education programs, they have started to provide some of that structure, and it has brought a little more routine back into our children’s everyday lives.  We feel this moment in time is an opportunity to share the love of the beautiful game with our players in a creative and innovative way, while also providing some semblance of normalcy into their lives. We want to show them that they are still part of a team and a strong community that cares for them, not only as soccer players, but as individuals. We have always aimed to have the players take the skills they learn and traits they build and implement them in everyday life, on as well as off the field. These are just some of the many reasons why we have moved forward with our Virtual Training Program.

Our Virtual Training Program has been designed to give players an opportunity to stay fit and sharp, while maintaining their health and distance from others. The training program was created by our directors and is launching this week and next with all our teams. Every session is built around an individual player and a ball. Every touch of the ball will strengthen player confidence and comfort. This type of technical work will go a long way in building player fundamentals, as well as helping maintain fitness and good health. Just as with most things in life, the more they put into it, the more they will get out of it. The club will continue to put out videos with ball rhythms and challenge drills for kids to do on their own at home, and each team will also also have a weekly virtual Zoom session with their coach. During these sessions, coaches will be tracking and documenting each player’s touches, which will give coaches and players hard numbers to improve on each week.  Our coaches are looking forward to the opportunity to connect with players in a different way, and we remain committed to give you the best soccer experience possible while we are all navigating the current situation.

We have included a link below that shows some of the world’s most influential soccer/footballers such as Lionel Messi and Carli Lloyd promoting the 5 key steps to follow to protect our health, in line with the World Health Organization’s guidance. Players can see it’s not just Mom and/or Dad asking them to wash their hands!

Please continue to stay safe, healthy, and informed. Let’s flatten the curve, practice good hygiene, and take care of each other.  We look forward to when it’s safe to get the players back out onto the field where they belong, and we greatly appreciate all of the commitment and dedication to the sport and the community during these challenging times.


Chris Perry, President

Kraig Chiles, Executive Director of Coaching