2018-19 Teams

Projected Coaching Assignments

Coaching assignments are subject to change based on the number of teams that form at tryouts. Coaching staff for 2003 and older teams will be posted after January.

Please see our Coaches page for more information about our coaching staff.

Girls’ Teams – Youngers

G10/11- to be determined

G09 – Eddie Velez

G08 Red – Rafa Velazquez

G08 White – Arman Nadjafi

G07 Red – Chad Hagerty

G07 White – to be determined

G06 – Eddie Velez

G05 – Eddie Velez

G04 – Ray Reza

Boys’ Teams – Youngers

B10 Red – Juan Suarez

B09 Red – Chad Hagerty

B08 Red – Nick Perera

B08 White – Nick Perera

B08 Black – to be determined

B07 Red – Kraig Chiles

B07 White – Juan Suarez

B06 Red – Kraig Chiles

B06 White – Arman Nadjafi

B06 Black – Juan Suarez

B05 Red – Ray Reza

B04 Red – Ray Reza

B04 White – Garry Martin